Single Shingle

Hello All!  It is that time of the year again … Our lazy summer is gone and we are moving fast into fall.  We still have near summer weather here, but not the lazy, no school, fun time attitude that summer brings.  Nope, it’s back to school, sports and holidays on the way.  Which means we are busy, busy!  I wanted to slow down a moment to share something with you.  Part of back to school means homework.  My son recently completed an assignment in his Language class.  The assignment was to write a poem using literary terms such as simile, metaphor etc.  Here is the poem he wrote.  I love his creative imagination.  I hope you enjoy.  🙂


Single Shingle – by Tyler

green-shingles.0ct 2015

Once there was a roof that had a single shingle, this shingle was sad.

The shingle knew there were a gazillion other shingles, but he was still the one who was single.


The single shingle was like a fisherman out at sea, he was as lonely as could be.

He laid on the roof cold and wet, at this point, he was as miserable as he could get.


As the shingle sat there in the rain, he started to feel the pain.

He felt fear and distress, then he realized, a single shingle is loneliness.


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