Relationship Tips: The Role of Online Dating in Making Marriages Stronger

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Before online dating was developed, people would only marry individuals they physically met. Some met in school, others at social events, while others were neighbors at home. Fast forward to today, technology has changed how people meet and interact. We have all seen how numerous dating sites on the web have helped people from any part of the world to meet.

But is this habit contributing to stronger marriages? Research by a student from Vienna University has shown how online dating helps people to virtually cross borders and meet the people they desire. Most of them end up in happy and strong marriage unions.

Online Marriages Are Less Likely to Break Up

Well, it has been proven through research that marriages that started online stay strong. When compared to couples who met through social circles and other physical methods, their online counterparts have a higher chance of surviving the challenges that confront marriages especially during the first few years. It is believed that those who met online show a greater degree of maturity. Therefore, they settle quickly into marriage and start to work hard towards improving the relationship.

Online Dating Allows You to Be Selective About Character and Personality

If you visit or any other popular dating website, you will realize that one of the requirements is to provide a detailed profile. When you are perusing through potential partners, you have already set your mind on what you are seeking. Therefore, you will only pursue people with the character and personality that you desire. This means that most people who meet online and get married have already passed one test of matching perfectly. On the other hand, people who meet physically may not match in character or personality but still move on together hoping that things will get better along the way.

Online Dating Leads to Physical Dating Before Marriage

All online dating sites recommend physical meetings and dating after communicating online for a while. The communication through chats, video calls or any other platform allows people to cool down and understand whether or not this is the person they want to be with. First dates in person after meeting online offer a good first impression and opportunity to learn about your partner more before taking the relationship to the step of marriage. However, physical dates typically confirm what you already know about this person that you met online some time back. If people pass through all these steps, their marriage is likely to last without any major problems.

People Seeking Online Partners Are Usually Serious

For people to take the step of searching online for a lifetime partner, it means that they have already made the decision that this is something that they want. Although there are some people who are just there to joke around, they rarely go past the physical dating stage.

Research shows that serious people always show their intentions from the profile they write. Most will indicate that they are looking for a relationship that leads to marriage. If she or he meets an ideal partner with similar goals, the marriage will be strong.

Thanks so much to today’s guest blogger, Jesenia Rogahn, for this very helpful article about on-line dating and marriage.

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