DIY – Wall Mounted Hook Rack

Need more space?  Hang in there!  I have a DIY project for you that is going to make your life so much easier - more organized, more space-saving ...What is it you ask?  Wall Mounted Hook Rack, of course!  ;)How to make your own Wall Mounted Hook RackThree Easy Steps!Step OneStep TwoStep ThreeI hope this … Continue reading DIY – Wall Mounted Hook Rack

DIY Halloween Wreath

Hello all!  I don't know about you, but as I get older I welcome the colder weather.  Living in Southeast Texas, near the ocean, it can be quite warm all the way up until January.  When the first cool front does arrive, it is quite exciting.  This was such the case this past weekend, and … Continue reading DIY Halloween Wreath

Best DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Autumn is here and for most of us that means cooler weather, shorter days, football season, and DIY decorations.  Check out these cute Pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween and Fall.  Enjoy!   đź™‚ Pumpkin Bonfire - For how to instructions visit Better Homes and Gardens DIY Glow in the Dark Pumpkins - Find the step by step instructions … Continue reading Best DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Hip Hoppity Ideas for Easter Fun

Easter heralds the beginning of springtime, the promise of warmer weather and spring vacation.  Easter is a time usually spent with loved ones.  We celebrate with time at church, BBQ/picnics, festive dinners and of course Easter egg hunts! Easter holds many loved celebrations and traditions in my family.   As a little girl, I can remember my favorite … Continue reading Hip Hoppity Ideas for Easter Fun

Cleaning with Kids – DIY Recipes  with Essential Oils

Essential oils are known with their exceptional aromas and endless uses. Experts advice us to put a drop of lavender oil on our pillow if we have sleeping troubles at night. The application of essential oils, however, is much wider. You can easily include some of them in your home cleaning. Those liquids can do … Continue reading Cleaning with Kids – DIY Recipes  with Essential Oils

DIY – Beauty Tips For A Budget

I was first introduced to the wonders of Witch Hazel by my ex mother in law, Sylvia.  She loved the stuff and swore by it!  Like apple cider vinegar, witch hazel can do so many good things for our skin and health.  There are so many wonderful uses.  See below for some of them.  🙂 Healing aide - Witch … Continue reading DIY – Beauty Tips For A Budget

Craft – Snowman Wreath Door Sculpture

This is the cutest idea!  There are so many different things you can do with wreaths.  I love this!  I thought I would share it with you this week for Fiesta Friday. To create a Snowman Door Sculpture; pick up one large, one medium one small wreath.  Attach all three wreaths to one another with … Continue reading Craft – Snowman Wreath Door Sculpture

DIY – Time For You – Old Fashioned Beauty Tips for Your Hair

  Now that summer is over and the kiddos are back in school, it is time for a little "me time."  Now I know what you are thinking ..."Me time, what is that?"  But now is a perfect time to set up a little time, just for you, to do the things you need and want … Continue reading DIY – Time For You – Old Fashioned Beauty Tips for Your Hair