Painting With Wine

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday!  Glad to be back amongst the WordPress family and Fiesta Friday!  So where have I been and what have I been up to you ask?  Or maybe you haven't asked, maybe you haven't noticed I've been MIA.  That's okay, but I am going to tell you anyway ... Firstly, the good … Continue reading Painting With Wine

Spring Break – Surviving Vacation With Family

Ahh ...Spring Break, that time of the year when children, teenagers and young adults suddenly descend upon your quite space.  The time of the day generally reserved for you, your Mom time, the time when you do all the things us Mom's do during the day.  Now, instead of finishing that novel, painting your next master piece … Continue reading Spring Break – Surviving Vacation With Family

Review on The Mighty Mug

Today I have a product called The Mighty Mug. I received a complimentary Turquoise one for testing and review.  All opinions are my own.  What is mighty about it you ask?  It is a mug designed to prevent spills.  Mighty Mug grips to any smooth, flat, solid surface and when you bump into it, it remains upright, no messy spills!  … Continue reading Review on The Mighty Mug

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Nike’ and Delilah

Hello all.  Since this is my first time to participate in Michelle's Weekly Pet Challenge, I wanted to introduce both of my pets.  Soo ...without further ado here are:   Nike' ...our little Chihuahua.  On Saturday morning, as I was doing a little blogging, look who hopped up in my chair to pay a visit.  I … Continue reading Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Nike’ and Delilah