Not Today Anxiety, You Will Not Win

I've never considered myself and introvert, not really.  When I was a small child I was somewhat shy, I did not have very many friends, but I still wouldn't say I was an introvert.  Not that I am the life of the party, the belle of the ball, by no means ...but by the time … Continue reading Not Today Anxiety, You Will Not Win

Please Stop Blogging and Play

Look who decided to hop up in my chair and hang out while I did a little blogging today. Hmmm ...what is this look?   I think he is trying to tell me that he is bored and would like to play.  For those of you who don't know, this is our little Chihuahua Nike'.  We brought him … Continue reading Please Stop Blogging and Play

Random Things I’ve Learned From My Teenager

Definition of teenage : between 13 and 19 years old : relating to people who are between 13 and 19 years old :  of, being, or relating to people in their teens Source: Merriam-Websters Learner's Dictionary As this definition is true, it says nothing of the teenager themselves.  It certainly does not prepare you for … Continue reading Random Things I’ve Learned From My Teenager

Accepting And Living With Alzheimer’s- Peach Cobbler Snack Cake

As I set across the table today from my beautiful 92-year-old Mother, who has Alzheimer's disease, I realized that it didn't really matter if she knew me or she didn't.  She was happy, with me, talking to me, being with me the moment and the need for her to know who I was ...seemed no longer important.  The fact … Continue reading Accepting And Living With Alzheimer’s- Peach Cobbler Snack Cake

Being A Mom

Today is Mother's Day, my day, for I am a Mom. I have the most amazing, rewarding and hardest job on the planet.  Being a Mom means so much to me.  From the very first moment that I saw that little face, to the first step, to graduation day and everything in between, my life has never been the same.  One big roller coaster ride of sorts, full of fun, … Continue reading Being A Mom

My son, the triathlete…

This is an amazing story of sadness and joy. One persons story of triumph over tragedy. May God Bless this young man and his family. ❤

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


You may know my son’s story. For once, I have no problem repeating it for those who do not. I have a very good reason for it that I have been bursting to share!

In 2009 my son was 25… a good looking, successful young man with a fast car, nice apartment near the coast and a very promising career. That ended on July 4th when he was left for dead in a Bournemouth alley, stabbed through the brain in an unprovoked attack.

2009 before the attack 2009 before the attack

I have written before of the terror of the next days as he underwent brain surgery to remove the shards of shattered bone from the left hemisphere of his brain. I have told of the weeks of heartache as we waited to see if he would live or die, while his brain bled and swelled, causing further damage to the brain stem itself…

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