Reasons to Consider a Helicopter Charter

Image Source: Unsplash Helicopters have a lot to offer the proactive business person. In many cases, a helicopter hire is a much better alternative to road transport, what with traffic snarls that can happen anywhere at any time. Here are just a few of the reasons why chartering a helicopter could be the answer to … Continue reading Reasons to Consider a Helicopter Charter

A Day At Old Trafford

Bucket List? Hmm, no that's not right. My son is only 17, so I don't think we can call this tour of Old Trafford a "bucket list" item. A dream come true? Yes, definitely! My son's love for soccer started at the early age of 3, watching his big brother play from the side … Continue reading A Day At Old Trafford

Relationship Tips: The Role of Online Dating in Making Marriages Stronger

Image via pixabay Before online dating was developed, people would only marry individuals they physically met. Some met in school, others at social events, while others were neighbors at home. Fast forward to today, technology has changed how people meet and interact. We have all seen how numerous dating sites on the web have helped … Continue reading Relationship Tips: The Role of Online Dating in Making Marriages Stronger

The Perfect Gift For Your Wife On Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Pixabay Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what better time to jazz up our romance game than on the most romantic day of the year. Yes, you can give her the usual flowers and chocolates for Happy Heart’s Day, but you can also choose to make it more special by finding … Continue reading The Perfect Gift For Your Wife On Valentine’s Day

What To Pack For Mongolia

If you’re planning an exciting trip to Mongolia soon, there are some practical items you should take with you, excluding, of course, personal items like insect repellents, toiletries and sun cream. Whether you’re planning an amazing horseback riding holiday, a trekking trip or sight seeing adventures, these are the items you are sure to need. … Continue reading What To Pack For Mongolia

Great Gifts Under $50

Hey, hey, hey!  Ho, ho, ho!  Christmas countdown to shopping is upon us.  Do you have your shopping done yet?  Here to help is a list of some of my favorite choices for great gifts under $50.   LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12   Simply Earth Essential Oils Packable Backpack Star Trek Enterprise Sushi Set Fjord … Continue reading Great Gifts Under $50