DIY – Summer Project, Room Make-over

I love DIY projects, but I don’t get to do as many of them as I would like.  When I started blogging I added a section for DIY, but have come to realize that I did some of my best projects before I started blogging.  I have no before pictures to post leaving the DIY part of my blog quite scant.  Now that school is out, summer is here and it stays daylight longer, that means more time for projects.   I started a new project, I am slowly re-doing my sons room.  I started with an idea from a picture that I found in one of my decorating magazines …or was it on-line?

boys room

Anyway, this is what I want the closet area to look like when I am through.

This is what it looks like now.


He has a small room and is in much need of more space.  The closet above would be a good solution for better organization.

I also thought a floor and wall shelf would be good to display his trophies, awards etc.  A neighbor of mine had a shelf that she no longer wanted.  I decided to take it and give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant color of orange.

ty shelf before ty shelf

The new shelf.


It is amazing what a new coat of paint will do for an old tired shelf

1.  Floor shelf to help display awards and things  – painted and functional – Check!   🙂

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