Zuke’s – Healthy Treats For Your Pet

I received a complimentary selection of treats for testing and review.  The opinions in this post are my own.  When I noticed the ad to review healthy treats for pets, I knew right away that I was on board.  I immediately thought of our little dog Nike’and went straight to Zuke’s website to see what it was all about.  As a pet owner, I want the best for my four-legged friends, and just as we eat healthy, so should our pets.  I was very excited to learn about the healthy snacks Zuke’s has to offer.

Check out some of their products:

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I received the Lil’ Links for Nike’ to try.  Healthy Little Sausage Links for Dogs.  They had me with the title, ha!  He received 3 packages to try; Pork & Apple Recipe, Rabbit & Apple Recipe and Chicken & Apple Recipe.


They have real meat and whole food ingredients and let me tell you that Nike’ loves them!  I love that he loves them and that they are good for him.  They smell like that maple syrup sausage you make for breakfast and the aroma drives Nike’ crazy.  Some of the ingredients include nutrient rich Rosemary, Turmeric and Sage; they have Apples, Carrots, Potatoes, Maple Syrup and either Pork, Chicken or Rabbit as the main ingredient.  They are also grain free, so great for grain free or low grain diets.  When they first arrived he sniffed at them for a moment, not sure about them at all.  However, once he ate one he was in love.  Now every morning, when I live for work, he can’t wait to go to his little bed and area he stays in for the day.  He knows his treat is coming and he is eager to receive it and is never sad or anxious that I am leaving.

Not to leave out the Cat, they have Natural Purrz.  Soft treats for your Cat with either Chicken or Salmon and Cranberries.


I would definitely recommend Zuke’s Healthy Treats for so many reasons.  Your dog should love them, even the picky eaters, and you will feel good knowing you are giving your pet safe, healthy snacks that they need and deserve. 🙂


For more information about Zuke’s and to order products, go to:  www.zukes.com.

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2 thoughts on “Zuke’s – Healthy Treats For Your Pet

    1. How neat! Nike’ too! I am so glad I came across them. I like that they have the Skinny Bakes as well, Nike’ has gotten just a little bit over weight. 😉 Hehe.


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