December Skies

December was always her favorite month. She said there was something about the December sky at night; a backdrop of winter blue velvet, beautiful and silent. The diner looked the same, maybe newer, fancier ...shinier somehow.  The old man stood and looked at the diner one last time.  Memories.  A tear escaped and made its … Continue reading December Skies

Friday Fictioneers – The Little Mouse That Could Inspire

The Little Mouse That Could Inspire - By Arl's World Molly sat there staring at her computer.  Blink, blink, went the cursor, how would she ever finish the book on time?  She glanced up at the clock nervously, her deadline was fast approaching.  She needed motivation, inspiration ...but what? How? Molly got up, wandering aimlessly around the tiny apartment.   She walked … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers – The Little Mouse That Could Inspire

A New Beginning – Friday Fictioneers

A New Beginning She stood there taking it all in, this new place.  All the people, sounds, smells .... she was hungry, it had been a while since she had eaten.  She made her way through the crowd.  She would eat, then find a place to stay.  A place to call home, away from him.  Her thoughts immediately went … Continue reading A New Beginning – Friday Fictioneers

America’s Affair with Coffee

I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake. ~Lewis  Black Happy Friday everyone! Sitting here enjoying my morning coffee. Why do we love coffee so?  What is this love affair with coffee?  Maybe it is that wonderful aroma in the air, the smell of coffee beans brewing first thing in … Continue reading America’s Affair with Coffee