A Day At Old Trafford

Bucket List? Hmm ...no, no that's not right. My son is only 17, so I don't think we can call this tour of Old Trafford a "bucket list" item. A dream come true? Yes, definitely! My son's love for soccer started at the early age of 3, watching his big brother play from the side … Continue reading A Day At Old Trafford

Final WPC – All-Time Favorites

Goodbye Weekly Photo Challenge.  Thanks to the WordPress team for all the support and  guidance on this photo blogging journey.  The many friendships of fellow bloggers you helped create.  Thanks for all the memories.   My All-Time Favorites From WPC - Place In The World and Reflections  Watching the boats come in at sunset - … Continue reading Final WPC – All-Time Favorites

San Marcos Road Trip & Cinnamon Banana Muffins

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a marvelous week!  Do you have big plans for your weekend?  I hope it will be a good one!  A couple of weeks ago we made a road trip to San Marcus, Texas and of course, what would a road trip be without some awesome snacks to take along.  How about some yummy cinnamon banana muffins ... … Continue reading San Marcos Road Trip & Cinnamon Banana Muffins

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Run

This was an easy one for me, as I have taken so many pictures of soccer games through the years.  Mom is always there to take that action shot! 😉 My entry for A Word A Week Photograph Challenge - Run. I really like this photo of him running ...except I was so focused on getting the shot of my … Continue reading A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Run