Weekly Photo Challenge – Advenuture

Adventure At Sea Headed out, the blue sea calls.  Where adventure awaits, with stories tall. What will we find, out here in the ocean?  The boat tossing to and fro, the waves in motion. Maybe a ship in a bottle, a very large fish  ...or a lovely mermaid.  What is your wish? So cast a line or take a seat, my friend.  … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Advenuture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

An old tree, its branches twisting this way and that. "Old tree Giant towering Above the forest;You Who saw the rise Of ancient suns, The fall of principalities, The ageing of creation;You Who drank the drought And bathed in mists Of thousand winters Cold;You who heard The rapture of mountains, The breach of the seas … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist