Sex Happens

DO YOU NEED A HUSBAND? As women, we define ourselves by our connection to a man. Are we someone’s wife? Lover? Think about Eat, Pray, Love. The book opens with the main character leaning over the toilet bowl, certain her life is over. Then she travels to Italy where she eats, India where she prays … Continue reading Sex Happens

Ghosting and Dating

You may not be familiar with this, as was my case, but the term is called Ghosting.   Urban Dictionary defines it as such: Ghosted - To abruptly stop all forms of communication and contact with someone else especially an online relationship. When someone you were relatively on good terms with suddenly doesn't respond to your messages anymore or doesn't … Continue reading Ghosting and Dating

Dating And The Single Mom

For those of you who don't know, I am a single mother, working full-time and living in Texas.  That is the short of it, actually I am so much more than the title would say.  I am CEO of the household; a mother, a personal chef, a mediator, an administrative assistant, a housekeeper, a banker and finance manager, a taxi driver, … Continue reading Dating And The Single Mom