Z is for Zinnia

I love flowers and I think Zinnias are one of the most beautiful of flowers.  As a girl I remember helping my mom plant Zinnias and other flowers in the garden. Her Zinnias always looked so pretty ... I ran across this very lovely poem and thought I would share. Zinnias Zinnias, stout and stiff, Stand no nonsense: their … Continue reading Z is for Zinnia

Yellow Snapdragons

Snapdragons The fog lifts, revealing solitary stalks coated in dew, new white ruffles draped over sleek green stems graze the grass like a wedding gown, married to the earth’s need. If only all love wasn’t meant to be plucked, pulled from its roots and unearthed, then everything that blooms would not always be lost. Pinch … Continue reading Yellow Snapdragons

Turkey Bolognese

 I made this about a month ago for the first time and my family loved it.  I thought I would share it with you today for our AtoZ Challenge: Letter T.  I made it again last weekend and adapted it slightly to fit our preferences and for what I had on hand in the kitchen.  This is a … Continue reading Turkey Bolognese

Quiet Time

Quiet On the weekends, early mornings, before everyone is out and about is my quiet time.  I like to get up and get the coffee started and walk the dog to the park across the street from where I live.  It is a beautiful park, with a nice size pond and plenty of picnic and play areas.  I visit it … Continue reading Quiet Time