Red Wine Braised Chicken

Hello wonderful people!  I am excited to be back joining my favorite link up party, Fiesta Friday, today.  There is actually a reason for my lack of posting, and especially in the recipe category, which I will tell you about in a moment.  I wanted to say that I am glad I am back and to bring you this wonderful, … Continue reading Red Wine Braised Chicken

Frito Chili Pie

This recipe is a childhood favorite.  Simple, but oh so good comfort food, easy to make and a big hit with the kids.  You can use the canned chili or make your own.  Just add frito's and cheese and you have a hearty, wintry meal in minutes. When I make my own chili I prefer to eat it … Continue reading Frito Chili Pie

Chocolate Cream Cheese Croissant

Here is a quick, easy and oh so yummy recipe perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert.   Full of wonderful flavors of chocolate and coffee, ready to wake up your taste buds, this little croissant is sure to be a favorite. Our favorite chocolate-filled crescents made even better with the addition of cream cheese.  Sprinkle with a little powdered … Continue reading Chocolate Cream Cheese Croissant

Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie

Original Nestle' Toll House recipe for Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie.  This recipe is more like a chocolate chip bread or brownie, and still has all the wonderful flavor of a toll has chocolate chip cookie.  Delicious.  Great for the holiday season, an easy, yummy dessert cookie that always goes quick. I made this recipe as directed.  These little cookies turned out so good … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie

Cranberry & Cream Cheese Turkey Sandwich

Do you want a great recipe to use with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving? Yes, you say?  Well I have just the recipe ... Make this juicy cranberry & cream cheese turkey sandwich, dripping with cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce and cream cheese could possibly, just maybe ...change your life, or at least your sandwich eating experience.   This is one of … Continue reading Cranberry & Cream Cheese Turkey Sandwich

Pumpkin-Banana Bread w/Cream Cheese Filling

This is a wonderfully moist bread that brings two old favorites together.  A tasty pumpkin-banana bread with a cream cheese filling perfect for breakfast or dessert. Are you ready for holiday baking?  I am!  Although I don't think my waistline is prepared for what comes all!  I went to the grocery store today and … Continue reading Pumpkin-Banana Bread w/Cream Cheese Filling