What To Pack For Mongolia

If you’re planning an exciting trip to Mongolia soon, there are some practical items you should take with you, excluding, of course, personal items like insect repellents, toiletries and sun cream. Whether you’re planning an amazing horseback riding holiday, a trekking trip or sight seeing adventures, these are the items you are sure to need.

  • A Big, Flexible Bag

It’s much better to have one multi-purpose, big bag rather than a hard suitcase to keep your luggage in. Chances are you’re going to load it from different luggage compartments to cars and buses and so on over and again. Sure, you won’t’ be trekking it around every day, so it really depends on your trip and plans. If you have pack animals like camels and horses, soft bags are a much better option.

  • Small Bag Or A Backpack

Image Source: Pixabay

A small back or a backpack (for example hip bags or belt pouches) work well, too. Besides being able to put your day to day items in your backpack, a smaller bag can be packed with valuables like your phone, travel documents and money. Make sure, though, that it is small enough to carry around all the time and big enough to safely house your valuable items.

  • A Headlamp

A headlamp can be very handy at night-time and if you’re camping. If you like to read at night, they are invaluable since you will find it hard to find electricity in the countryside, other than in town centres. Even in town centres, though, coverage can be a little unpredictable.

  • A Pair Of Rubber Slippers

Rubber slippers are essential, especially if you’re going to be showering in camps and the like.

  • Camera, Binoculars And Necessary Accessories

Image Source: Pixabay

If you’re planning on spotting wildlife, you’re going to need to search actively, and if you really want to make the most of your time doing this in Mongolia, you may need to check out this Trans Siberian railway map first and don’t leave home without your binoculars. If you do take photos or use special accessories for your camera, don’t forget to pack them and it may be hard to find the right bits and pieces once you are there.

  • Your Medication

On your travels, you will find basic first aid kits, but law forbids dispensing of medication, so remember to bring your own and be well-prepared for all eventualities.

  • Warm Clothing

Mongolian weather can be highly unpredictable, and it’s not uncommon for the nights to dip below freezing, even in the summertime. So, make sure you pack multiple layers. Afterall, you can always take layers off or put them on as needed. Ponchos or raincoats are an absolute must for rainy days, but they also work really well as insulators for sleeping bags.

  • The Right Shoes

Image Source: Pixabay

Trekking shoes are a necessity in all regions of the Mongolian countryside. Whether you’re visiting the Gobi Desert or Altai mountains, the terrains in the country are wild, with their own plant life, wildlife and puzzle of difficulties. Make sure you keep your trekking shoes with you wherever you go.

  • Riding Boots

If you plan on goinghorse-riding, riding boots will protect your legs from chafing unless you plan to wear chaps.

  • Ziploc Bags

Finally, Ziploc bags are perfect for keeping valuables safe and dry.  

And there you have it!  Use these 10 tips for a successful visit to Mongolia. 

Until next time …Happy traveling!

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