How to Balance School and Sports


If you are an upcoming athlete, you might already know all the advantages of playing sports. Sports participation has a ton of mental health benefits, which include a self-confidence boost and increased focus. While on the field, you get to learn lessons such as teamwork, responsibility, and discipline.

Even with all these benefits, you might still have a hard time balancing schoolwork and sports. Being a good athlete does not automatically make you a good student. However, it is possible to juggle both of them and excel. Here are some tips that will help you to balance school and sports:

Evaluate Your Priorities

The point of assessing your priorities is not to decide which of the two takes precedence. While in school, you are a student first and everything else comes after. In which classes do you perform well? Knowing your weaker subjects will allow you to spend more time on them, which will improve your grades in those subjects.

Like most schools, yours has GPA requirements, which you must meet to be able to participate in athletics. If you fail to do well in class, you will not be allowed to play your favorite sport and you will end up failing at both.

Come up with a System

As soon as your classes are over, you probably run to the field for practice. This means that your day ends when practice does. To learn how to balance schoolwork and sports, you need to know how to manage your time.

You have to come up with a system that will work for you by planning everything. You can use a phone app or physical calendar to keep track of your activities and remain organized. You should note down your assignments and their due dates as well as your game schedule to avoid confusion.

Use Your Weekends Wisely


On the weekends, most people usually rest and unwind as they refuel on energy for the coming week. However, once you take on sports as well as education, you should start using your weekends to catch up on schoolwork or to practice. You can even alternate your weekend activities depending on which activity you are behind in.

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Do Not Procrastinate

If you fail to do something today, you will have to do it the next day. When you put something off, you will end up being overwhelmed with activities and trying to figure out where to start. If you have scheduled an assignment for a specific day, make sure that you do it to avoid hurting your schedule.

Ask Your Teammates for Help

If you have teammates that seem to be balancing their schoolwork and practice times perfectly, you should ask them for advice. Do you know anyone who is outperforming you during practice and acing all of her classes? The ability to juggle more than one thing comes naturally to some people.

If one of your classmates has found the perfect way to balance education and athletics, you need her advice. Ask your teammates how they manage their time – one of their tips might work for you.

Make the Most of Your Free Periods

Do you have free periods regularly? You can use this free time to catch up on your assignments, projects, and research. Being in a school environment will make it easier for you to focus on your studies. Make sure that you take advantage of resources such as the library to catch up on your schoolwork.

Know When to Stop

To remain healthy, you need to know when to stop. You should not wear yourself out at practice or stay up all night studying, as this will take a toll on your overall performance. If you are not in peak performing condition, you will not be any good to anyone. In the same vein, your class performance will suffer if you do not get enough sleep.

The key to maintaining a good balance between school and sports lies in understanding your limits and making sure that you do not exceed them.

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