Hire A Helicopter For That Important Business Meeting


If you are soon to be hosting a VIP business associate, you really should pull out all the stops, especially if the potential of future business is high and you want to make a lasting impression. If, for example, you are based in Sydney and are going to be host for a European business person, then a helicopter tour is a perfect way to show them this wondrous city.

First Impressions Count

While your VIP overseas guest will be expecting a level of care and hospitality, nothing will prepare them for a helicopter charter tour that takes in all the best sites. This can be booked with online charter companies that offer a range of breathtaking tours around Sydney and you can tailor the tour to include a champagne lunch somewhere suitable, followed by another aerial tour of this amazing city. Planning a stunning day with a superb lunch and an executive helicopter at your disposal will certainly create the right impression and the charter company would know of all the best routes.

Dine in Style

By planning ahead, you can tailor the tour to include the very best of experiences and with a luxury helicopter at your beck and call, the sky really is the limit. You can also arrange for still images and video to be provided and as a parting gift, you can present your VIP guest with a DVD of their experience, which makes for a really great keepsake. If you manage to acquire some inside knowledge about your guest’s dining preferences, you can tailor the lunch stop to include something dear to their heart.

Surprise your Guests

 It would be a wonderful idea to not mention the helicopter tour when planning their visit and spring this as a surprise. They will, of course, be expecting to be taken care of in style but when they realise you have gone to such trouble on their behalf, they will immediately warm to your first-class hospitality. If you suffer from motion sickness, there is a useful article online on dealing with motion sickness in a helicopter ride that offers several methods to ensure the trip is a pleasant one.

Make the Most of Their Valuable Time

 A visit to Sydney is usually far too short, as there is literally so much to see and do, but with a helicopter at your disposal, your guests will not waste their valuable time travelling and with a tour that includes some of the best local attractions – Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach – your visitors will have an unforgettable experience that will be the foundation for a mutually beneficial working relationship for many years to come.

There are established helicopter charter companies that have an impressive fleet of top-notch helicopters that will provide you and your VIP guests an unforgettable experience above the skies of Sydney and for what it costs, you will be sure to make the right impression that should lead to a very profitable working relationship in the years to come.

Until next time …Happy Travels!

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