The Mistake Was In The Assumption


People make assumptions everyday – work, socially, we schedule our lives around assumptions.  Some assumptions are minor and go without consequence.  But others …well the problem is not in the assumption itself,  but what is assumed.

Love can be a fickle beast.  Love is supposed to last forever, more often it does not.  Love is supposed to stand the test of time.  Love should be infinite.  There should be no questions, no assumptions.  Love should be pure, it should be true.

The mistake was in the assumption that he was not a liar.  That he was telling the truth.  There really was no one else.  He was sincere, his love true.

Assumptions can be dangerous if  made in haste, if made without clarity.  Lives can be altered, paths reshaped.  Be careful what you assume.


This post is part of Daily Prompt.

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