Sea of Tides

The beach is my happy place.  I love looking out over the ocean, enjoy watching the waves dance upon the shore.  The warm sun caressing my skin, the sand playfully tickling my toes.  The cool ocean breeze blowing through my hair always gives me a sense of freedom.  Time to play, time to relax with family, or just to be alone with my thoughts; to ponder life’s great mysteries, to reflect on my own life.

This particular early morning the tide was low and the air a bit chilly.  The sun was being shy and was not making much of an appearance.  Sitting in my favorite green and blue beach chair, I watched my son playing in the surf.  These are the moments I cherish – Time with my family by the seashore watching the sea of tides.


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This post is part of the Daily Prompt – Tides

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