Skout Deals – Deal Finding App = Family $avings

Hey all!  This week I received this app at no cost to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. The app finds great deals in your area, for you, all in one location on your phone.  Easy and convenient to use, save time and money.  No more searching various websites, newspapers and flyers; clipping coupons…nope, you have all the information on deals in your area, right at your finger tips.

The app is really easy to download, takes seconds to sign up, and very user-friendly to navigate through.   The best part about it is …I don’t have to hunt for deals, just a tap of my finger, and it saves my family money!


Everything 25% OFF or MORE at places near you.  

So here is how it works:

You download the app to your smart phone.  It will ask you a few brief questions to set your location and shopping needs.  The app is location based.  You will see all the deals you want for your area.   At your main screen you can search by  merchant, category or keyword for deals. Save searches you are interested in.  Search, find your deals and save money.  It’s that simple.  The app also has a savings tracker that keeps track of how much you save.  Love it!



A couple of days in and I have to say that I really love this app!  There are plenty of deals to choose from.  No more coupons you can’t use, for items you don’t want.

Well known merchants across North America, big and small, update their deals daily to the app. Thousands of discounts, coupons and freebies are added daily.  

What is not to like?! So far, I have taken advantage on deals at several stores in my area.  Petco had a few deals that I couldn’t pass up.   Merry Christmas to our little four-legged fur babies!



More deals in my area:


Thank you Skout Deals App!

I would definitely recommend this app to family and friends, anyone who loves a good deal.   For more information and to get your own Skout Deals App, check out the website at:   Or click the link below to go directly to download.

It’s FREE to download!


And until next time …

Your next great deal is just around the corner.  Happy shopping!











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  1. Hey Arlene! so I finally updated that book review I’d been meaning to write. You liked it when there wasn’t anything there, I hope you like it now that…well, that there is something there! Hit me up here, and if you still like it, leave a comment 🙂
    Have a great day!


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