Have You Ever Noticed How The Golden Girls Aren’t So Golden Anymore?

gg1Years ago, when I was much younger, my Mother used to watch The Golden Girls and on occasion I would watch along.  The show was always appealing, quite funny and I always like Betty White, and the combination of the four ladies together worked perfectly to produce a decent, entertaining show.  However, they were Golden Girls after all, certainly suited for someone my Mother’s age, but not for a person of my age …

My routine after work, for the most part, consists of: I come home, I cook dinner and I watch a few of my favorite silly sitcoms.  At times, I watch them until prime time television begins, and on other occasions I watch them until I get ready for bed, if nothing else is on, that is.  So in doing this, I stumbled upon re-runs of The Golden Girls.  There they were still as humorous, still entertaining, and …OMGosh!  Wait!  NOT so golden anymore!  How I never noticed this, why they shouldn’t call them Golden Girls at all …except for the Mother, Sophia, and even she is still quite spry.  Could it be …is it possible …yes, I believe it has finally happened, I have caught up with the Golden Girls!   I now look at Dorothy, Blanche and Rose and realize, why they don’t look golden, not at all, they look comparable to me and I’m not ready to be called golden!

One thing I realized in watching The Golden Girls, as of recent, is no matter what age you are, you can learn life lessons from watching these ladies:  Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia.  From listening to Rose talk about life on the farm in St. Olaf, to Sophia’s colorful stories of her Sicilian culture, their experiences and close relationship remind you of what friendship, love and life is all about.  Maybe I am ready to become a Golden Girl after all.  Suddenly I have a strong desire for a slice of cheesecake. 😉



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