Kiss And Tell. It’s in the Kiss?

A recent date said something to me that got me thinking …He said that you can’t tell if you are going to like someone or not (have that chemistry) until you kiss them.  Hmmm …I am not sure that I agree with that.  If I look at them and don’t see attraction …well then, chances are I am not going to want to kiss them!  I think at the moment, in his case, he was saying that just because he wanted a kiss.


But, is this really true?  I think I know long before that first kiss if I am going to have chemistry, or not …If I am going to even want to kiss someone.  Now, if I feel there is chemistry and then we do kiss it would only confirm, even more, that there are feelings.  What do you think?

With that being said …does that make them a good person?  A person that I am going to continue to date?  Maybe and maybe not.   But still, can you feel that chemistry with out a first kiss?  I think you can.  Chemistry, after all, does not have to be sexual.  If you meet someone and you like their personality, then sometimes you just “click” with them.  That is chemistry, way before the first kiss.  Then after you get to know them, you may be attracted to them physically …and then the first kiss comes into play.   I guess it could be possible too, that the person that I look at and instantly go all weak at the knees over, could in fact be a bad kisser!


Then I suppose that would indeed kill any chemistry/feeling that I initially had upon first sight.  If they are a bad kisser do you still want to go out with them …will there be another date?  Of course, on the other hand …maybe you are not that attracted to someone by looks alone or even by their personality until you get past the first kiss.   Then you feel something from the kiss itself.  Just enough to boost any doubt you might have about whether you are really attracted to them.


Just my thoughts on a very hot and sunny Wednesday, on a slow day at work.  Okay, now you know where the mind wonders to …Ha!   18227e8ae60fcc1d5886ed9abdc6d505

Thanks for Reading!


XO Arlene

11 thoughts on “Kiss And Tell. It’s in the Kiss?

      1. Thank you! I get discouraged …but I still have hope that there is someone out there for me, so I am not giving up! I just have to wade through the all the broken shells to find the one that has it all together and shines for me. 🙂 I am so glad you had a good visit with your best friend from HS. Such priceless visits! One of my best friends from HS lives fairly close and we try to get together once a month. Always a good time. Glad you are doing well. ❤ 🙂

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      2. Arl, it’s so important to keep in touch with the friends that really know you from when you were growing up together, don’t you think? Glad you are doing yer thing too!


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