Pink House on Pelican Way – Friday Fictioneers

pink house by the sea


Pink House on Pelican Way – AR

“One …two …three …right here!  Make a left after the third street onto Seashell Dr.  Then a right on Pelican Way.  It is the pink house on the end.”  Roni could hardly contain her excitement.

He would be happy to see her.  She smiled at the thought of him.  Memories of them came rushing back.  Summers spent laughing together on the beach; moonlight swims underneath the stars, stolen kisses, and forbidden love.

It was Thanksgiving, and she was coming home, to him.  Tomorrow they would be married.

Sometimes the impossible can become possible and dreams do become reality.


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This post is part of Friday Fictioneers.

This weeks photo prompt – photo credit @Sandra Cook


16 thoughts on “Pink House on Pelican Way – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Sounds like she has a turkey waiting (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Lovely story, Arl. And if they get married on Thanksgiving, they won’t ever have to worry about going out for anniversary dinners.


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