Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers prompts us to write a complete story, Beginning, Middle and End, in 100 words or less.

This weeks picture prompt and my story below:


Photo Prompt © C.E. Ayr


Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn  – By:  Arl’s World

Never had he seen such a lovely creature.  He knew he must catch up to her and know her name.  What he would say to her, he had no idea.

Running fast as he could through the crowd, his chest ached, closer …But then, she stepped off the curb to cross the street.  She was going to get away, he would never see her again.  Suddenly, she stopped, her shoe caught in the drain!  He would rescue her!

And then she was gone …and all he had, was her shoe.

“Excuse me,” a voice said, “you have my sister’s shoe.” 😉

Thanks for reading!


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