I Thought Of You Today


I thought of you today.  I still do.  Do you ever think of me?  I wonder.

The memories come flooding back, I still remember …

My heart still remembers too, how it felt to be with you.

A movie that we watched, a place that we liked.

A song that played while we were together …happy.


I wonder how you’re doing now and if she makes you happy.

I want to call you.  I want to hear your voice again.

I want to say hello, and goodbye …

one more time, but I know I can’t.


I want to ask you why you held my heart in your hand

and promised to never drop it, but you did.

Do you realize how long it took me to get over you?  I wonder.

Did I really?  Or did I just move on?  Would you even care?  I wonder.


I felt that familiar pain again, the aching of my heart.

You see, I thought of you today.  I still do.


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