Weekly Photo Challenge – Up Close

squirrel1 squirrel

red flower.1



This week we are prompted to get close and zoom in, to get personal with our subject.  Here are a few pictures I have chosen for this weeks challenge.

Click HERE to see more of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Up Close.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Up Close

    1. LOL, no he was not! But I don’t think it bothered him at first …I didn’t notice until the last minute …as I was getting one more shot. I was so focused on getting a good shot and probably took a few too many! Ha! 🙂

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      1. I complained to a friend once about the squirrels leaving their waste behind for me to clean up. She responded by telling me not to feed them. I laughed pretty loud when I told her they brought their own food.

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