I’m a WordPress Family Member …Yep

Lori at Creating Beauty in the Kitchen and Nimmi at Adorable Life nominated me for this wonderful award.


If you don’t know Lori at Creating Beauty or Nimmi @ Adorable Life then you have to drop by and pay them a visit.  Both have the best blogs!!  Lori is making some changes to her blog …awesome stuff!!  She has a wonderfully fun and creative blog with great recipes and a new section for DIY …she is truly creating beauty everywhere!  Nimmi’s blog, Adorable Life is filled with tasty recipes, how to’s – tips and information.  You will find everything you need there to make the most unique and delicious dishes.

I love being nominated for awards …and this one is really nice.  This award means you are thought of as part of a family at WordPress.  I love this!  How wonderful to feel part of such an awesome group of bloggers!  I am so touched and happy to be thought of and be part of this wonderful family of bloggers.  Big thanks to Lori and Nimmi!  Also, thanks to each and every one of you who has supported me in my blogging journey.  🙂

My nominees are:

the dune mouse (Cybele Moon)

The Wandering Poet

Travel Tales of Life

Traditionally Modern Food



Lyrics, Sentiments and Me


A Day In The Life

Little Sweet Baker

My Tryst With Baking

Here is andrea

Cooking with a Wallflower

Café Garima


Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers for reading my post!




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