3 Strikes and You’re Out!


So I had a date a couple of weeks ago and it went like this …

1.  The guy could not find the place.  Called to say he was running late and could I give him directions.  I gave him directions best I could but he wasn’t understanding and seemed a bit irritated with me for not giving directions he could understand.  I asked what it said when he Googled or imputed the directions to his GPS System.  He said he had not done this, he just figured he could find it.  Got even more irritated at me and hung up on me. Why on earth would you not, before adventuring out somewhere you have not been, use a GPS or Google!  And then get mad at me when you can’t understand my directions.

2.  I arrived early, went inside to order a coffee and was at the counter when he arrived.  Now keep in mind, we already viewed pictures of one another (mine are always current, within last few months) and I was the only one in the place beside one other couple sitting at a table.  When he walked in I immediately recognized him,  waved and smiled at him.  He did not wave nor smile back …he looked at me and then looked around the room as if to look for the person he was meeting.  Okay, how did he not know that it was me?  I was the only one there waving at him and I do look like my pictures.   I found this very strange.  So then he walks up to the counter and asked if I was his date.  Still very solemn face, no smile …as if he were mad or irritated?   He ordered a beverage and asked about lunch specials.  When scheduling the date I told him that this place did not serve lunch on Saturday that it was just a coffee & dessert type of place.  He had agreed to this, no problem and said that 3pm would be fine.  I said I was sorry but thought that I had told him that we would not be eating lunch.  He said he had understood that, but that surely they would have something he could eat, he skipped lunch and was now hungry.  After complaining to the waitress that they really should have more to eat, we paid for our drinks and dessert.  He did not offer to pay for mine, which is okay, I did not mind paying for mine …but it would have been nice if he would have asked.

3.  We set down at the table and he took his gum out of his mouth and placed it on the table, while he ate, then placed it back in his mouth later.  Maybe it is just me, but do people really do that as adults?  I have seen children do this …but really an adult? Another thing I found odd and a little gross.

Okay, so three strikes and you are out! Right? Right!  It did not take long for him to make a first bad impression.  But even though I had already found his behavior not appealing, more like appalling,  I decided to continue with the date.

It went way down hill from here …

4.  The conversation was one way.  He talked about himself, but more so about his ex-wife.  And how that I and all other women were exaggerating when it came to child-birth and pain.  That no one except his ex-wife had ever endured any real pain.  When I told him that I had indeed had an awful time with my first (34 hours in labor) he argued that this could not be correct and insisted again that his ex-wife was the only one that could say that they were ever in any real pain.  Okay …whatever!

After listening to an hour of how much he enjoyed himself and how awesome his ex-wife was I said that is it …date over!  He was shocked that I was ending our date so soon and asked, “You mean that is it?”

He emailed me later and asked when we were going to go out again.  Obviously no clue how to read someone and oblivious of anything that he had done.

People never cease to amaze me.  Ugh!

Happy Dating out there!  😉



43 thoughts on “3 Strikes and You’re Out!

    1. LOL, I know right! In on-line dating sometimes someone appears to be one way on their profile and then you find out when you meet that they are not! In other words, unfortunately a lot of people lie on their profiles so they will get a first date! I feel that I am pretty good at screening and seeing this …but sometimes I miss. 😉 Date and learn.

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      1. I bet someone else wrote his profile. I actually made a little cash doing this once – scrubbing profiles for friends who were good guys but terrible with words. If I got paid to do it for decent fellows, I’m sure there are less savory wordsmiths doing it for dolts…


      2. So true! Writing things to make him look better than he is. I never thought of that …I bet you are right. Cool that you made some cash by helping friends out that way. I think that would be easy money for me, as I don’t find it difficult…but then I realize that not all are good at that sort of thing. I think guys more so then girls have trouble. I always try to take that in to consideration when looking at profiles.


      3. The key is conversation. Chat with them a bit before agreeing to meet up. If the way they chat doesn’t match up with the way they wrote their profile, assume it was ghost-written.


  1. I’ve been out with that guy too, more than once. You were way too patient. I’m getting to be less so. Life’s too short! Maybe exposing bad behavior will help eliminate it. Let’s hope we can help guys like him learn how to behave! Best wishes for your next date, with a guy who has some game!


    1. You are so right! Way to patient …LOL. I am getting less so! Date and learn. 🙂 Yes, he definitely needs some help …maybe he will figure it out. Ha! Thank you for the well wishes and stopping by!


  2. Oh my god! That sounds like the worst date anyone could ever have 😮 I hope you will find a decent man someday 🙂 oh boy, still shocked about this guys behaviour…


  3. Well I can’t really write what I want to for fear your blog would be shut down for inappropriate language. I think you were amazing to stay even civil though any of this. Good absolute grief!


      1. The next time you go on a bad date? imagine me going up to the guy in a baseball referee shirt going “Three strikes! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer out!” 😛


  4. Yeesh. What a keeper {sarcasm} Thanks for sharing Arl, I’m sorry your date didn’t go so well. But still, there are plenty of fish in the sea 😉


  5. Oh dear! I can understand his male need to not have to ask for directions (it really is a male thing) but geez louise he was definitely socially challenged in every other aspect. lol


  6. I am sure it must have felt awkward otherwise I’d say it was a hilarious date. You poor thing. So much so wrong but truly the gum thing was the deal breaker. hahahhahahahhaha


      1. It is hard to believe any of the rudeness but then how he wondered when you would meet again? Male privilege all over the place. hahahhaha


      2. Yes, it floored me …not at all like what his profile indicated. He said what a gentlemen he was and how he liked to treat a lady with respect and always a good listener etc. He was none of those things! He did nothing to indicate he was a gentleman and he talked about himself the whole time and the ex …never even asking about me. Ugh, what a looser. 🙂 Well I keep going on dates …one of these days, just maybe I will find a prince …or at least something close. Ha! 🙂


      3. It is sad that he knew enough to lie about those qualities but not enough to actually work on the practice of those things. I have no doubt you will meet someone. And for sure they will be a better companion than that poor unfortunate thing. hahahha but beware he is a bit like a benchline — everyone will look so much better in comparison!


  7. Wow, what an idiot, sorry if I sound harsh, but I just don’t have the patience for grown men with no manners, well, it gave you an interesting story to share, hope your next date is with a prince bc you deserve one:)


  8. Obviously the pain his ex had was him–and she remedied that! Thanks for checking out my Weekly Photo Challenge.


  9. Oh dear Arl, I sympathise with you as I have had so many of these odd internet dates in the past. It’s so sad the state of single life today. I gave up now. I just walk my dogs, plan holidays, dinner out with girlfriends. I only started blogging 3 months ago but I must admit it is theraputic and also I enjoy reading so many interesting blogs. I’m learning italian and also wish to do a writers course. Beats trying to date people!


    1. Thanks so much! You are so right! I am about the same …as I have a good life without dating; good job, friends, family …and I have peace. I am happy. If one day I find someone …then that will be good, and if not …I will be fine. 🙂 I love blogging and meeting people along the way.

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