Awards are the Best!

I am very happy to receive an award, “The Most Influential Blogger Award,” by Lisa at  A Day In The Life.  She has the best blog with great post about people, places, nature …life.  You should really pay a visit to her blog.  Thanks so much for the nomination!! I am truly honored to receive this award!!


Conditions For Accepting The Award

  1. Display the Award on your Blog.
  2. Announce your win with a blog post and thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  3. Present some deserving Bloggers with the Award.
  4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know they are nominated with a comment (or a pingback).
  5. Include an embedded video of your current favorite song (from YouTube etc, just copy and paste the link into your WordPress editor).

A Favorite Song:

I am not sure if I have a current favorite song, but I have always loved OneRepublic, not to be confused with One Direction.  This is definitely one of my most favorite songs and always puts me in a good mood.

The Nominees:

Creating Beauty in the Kitchen

The Novice Gardener

Travel Tales of Life

Foodie on Board

The Not So Creative Cook

Feasting with Friends


Cee’s Photography

To all of you a big Congratulations!!  Each of you have truly influenced me through your blog and this is my way to show my appreciation.

Thanks again to A Day in the Life for nominating me!

Wishing you all the best and as always Happy Blogging!

Untitled medw_cowgirl-003


25 thoughts on “Awards are the Best!

  1. Congratulations, Arl – y
    our blog, but also your personality, which comes across so clearly in your blog and your wonderful comments, has influenced me. I’m so glad to have ‘met’ such a genuine individual! And thank you warmly for my award. It means a lot.
    Best wishes to you as always, Emma x.

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  2. Congrats Arl! Fun to find out what one of your songs you enjoy is…very creative video they made!
    Thank you so much for nominating me….yay! 🙂 Feeling encouraged! 😀 Thanks Arl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Cee! You have influenced me to go out there and take more pictures …I have learned so much from you tips and challenges. It is a work in progress! 🙂


  3. Congrats superwoman, Arl! 😀 Yay to the video! I’m so excited to include YouTube video to my post. Thank you for nominating me – I am so honored. ❤


  4. Congratzz for your new Award😊!! Today I went through your blog and i found it really interesting and inspiring as well.. Even started following!!Being a newbie to this blog world, your wonderful blog just amazed me..
    Looking forward for more posts…
    Happy day😊


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