Cee’s Which Way Challenge#10

Of all the challenges, Cee’s Which Way Challenge is my favorite.  There are so many possibilities for shots, you just never run out of things to photograph.  If you haven’t joined the challenge yet, go on over to Cee’s Photography and check it out.

This week I chose to use some photos of street signs from my home town.  The street signs in my home town are a little different from most …and most fitting for this challenge.  Most of  the streets in the center of my quaint little town have names after ways to go, just like the name of our challenge.  What am I talking about?  Well …for instance …you can go This Way!  Which Way you ask?  This Way!  Which Way?  Why That Way, of course.  😉

LJ Signs

It rained recently and I have been sick, so I did not get a chance to get out around town and take all the pictures I wanted, but I still plan on doing so!  We have streets:  This Way, That Way, Center Way, Any Way, Parking Way …we even have a His Way, which is the name of the street a church is on.  🙂  As you branch out of the downtown area, into the residential area than you will find that all the streets have names of flowers; Daisy, Lily, Blossom, Poinsettia …well, you get the picture.  Speaking of, here is one more sign shot of our little city.






7 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Challenge#10

  1. Your signs are fantastic! I love that one is called “this way” and another “that way” ! So fun! Sorry you have been sick! Feeling better?


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