Laguna Beach

June 2012 Laguna Beach, CA.

laguna-beach laguna-beach2 laguna-beacha

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9 thoughts on “Laguna Beach

  1. Hey arl, I visited Laguna beach last December, it was night, dark and beautifully. I loved the beach, we spent hours sitting there and also were back to see the sun rise !


    1. Ah, what beautiful memories for you! It is lovely there. I would love to go back someday. Of course there are so many beaches I want to visit that I have yet to see. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Ooooh I miss laguna beach! Thanks for the great photos, they are so beautiful and remind me of my childhood there, swimming in the ocean and pretending I was a mermaid lol ! ♥♥♥ ;^)


    1. Thank you! What a wonderful childhood memories for you! LOL, I remember playing mermaid a time or two. I would love to go back someday, but there are so many other places I wish to visit. So many places I have yet to see.


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