July 4th Festival, Buda – Keg Contest

Buda, Texas – Fourth of July Festival

One summer, while living in Austin,  I went to a July 4th Festival in Buda, Texas.  Buda is a little town in the Hill Country outside of Austin.   It was your basic festival; with live music, games, craft booths, BBQ and various other food and vendor booths.  As my now ex boyfriend and I walked along enjoying the day, we saw a crowd gathering on the hill in front of us.  So of course, we had to see what all the noise was about.

keg throwing crowd

On further inspection, guess what we found?  A Keg tossing contest!  Yes folks, that is right …A keg tossing contest! Ha!  Only in Texas. 😉  Of course my ex boyfriend had to take some pictures of this.  Even though I am the one who takes pictures of everything, he grabbed the camera and started snapping.   So as he photographed, I watched in amusement.


keg throwing1

The way I understand it, the one who throws the keg the furthest wins.  Maybe it was this guy?  Or maybe not …

keg throwing2 keg throwing

Well, anyway …there you have it …Keg Tossing in Buda; on one  hot, sunny July 4th weekend.  I never thought I would use these pictures and one day be blogging from AtoZ, with K being for Keg!


11 thoughts on “July 4th Festival, Buda – Keg Contest

    1. You know, I thought about that while I was posting this. I can’t remember if they were full or empty …or if I even knew then. I can’t imagine them lifting and throwing them full though. But empty …how light are they …maybe to light to even be a competition. It was a lot of fun. And Buda is a quaint little town …almost a suburb of Austin now. Thanks for stopping!


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