My Date with a Modern Samurai Warrior


A recently had an interesting date, to say the least, and thought I would share it with you.  I met this guy on-line and after talking for a couple of weeks or so, we decided to meet at a local Mexican Restaurant in the area.


Me:   “So tell me a little about yourself.”

Samurai:  “Okay, well I was raised in the area, I don’t drink alcohol and I am into old swords and stuff.”

Waitress walks up to the table.  Waitress:  “What can I get for you?”

Me: “I will have a Strawberry Margarita”

Samurai:  “I will have a Bud Light.”  Waitress leaves ..

Me:  “I thought you said you didn’t drink?”

Samurai:  “Oh well, I don’t.  I used to but I quick a while back.  I just thought I would be nice and have a drink with you.”

Me:  “Ohhkay …you didn’t have to do that, if you don’t drink it is fine …but thanks.”

Samurai:  “Anyway back to me.  I was telling you I like swords. I collect them.  I have some really nice ones that are pretty old.”

About 30 minutes later and he is still talking about himself, he has not asked one question about me.  I am on my 2nd and last drink and he is on his 6th beer!!  Remember he doesn’t drink, only got one to make me feel better.

Samurai:  “Did you know that I am a Samurai Warrior?”

Me:  “What?!”

Samurai:  “Yes, not only do I collect swords but I believe I am a Samurai Warrior from the past. I believe I am reincarnated or something.  I believe I have special powers …u know I can make people do what I want.  Other people sense it to.  Look around you ..notice people are looking at me …they keep staring at me. They are envious of my power.  I feel it when I touch the swords.  I am a warrior and they know it, they can see it, tell that I am a warrior!”

No one is looking at him …no one at all.  I get up from the table.

Samurai:  “Where are you going? Did I say something?  You don’t believe me?”

Me:  “I suddenly remembered that I need to go polish my Wonder Woman Cape.”

Well that was a winner date!  Right …haha, not! 😉

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