Sorry, My Phone And I Are NOT Joined At The Hip

I recently received this text from a guy I have been talking with for about a week.  We are not dating mind you and we have not even met in person, we are just talking/texting for now.  You know, just pleasantries:  “How was your day?”  etc.   The message sent to me was as follows:   “Sent messages two days now.ur turn dear. a reply would be nice.”  In which I replied, “Sorry, I do not carry my phone around with me at all times and have been super busy.”  Yes shocking, I know, but there are times when I am ACTUALLY doing other things.  When I am at home, my phone is usually on my computer desk.  If you text me, I may or may not respond right away.  I may be busy and do not realize I have a text or just do not feel like texting back at that very moment.   This does not mean you will never hear from me again.  No need to get upset, no need to reply with comments about how I have not answered you back.  It was one day, not two, by the way and still …really?!   Ugh!


Has this type of thing ever happened to you?  Do people think that once you establish some sort of communication that you should faithfully text, call or email them at every chance, every day?  I have this happen more often than just once.  Some have even thought that once a day was  being distant!  And if you do not follow their rules are you blacklisted, frowned upon or receive little reminder notices that you have not done so?  My question is this:  If this is already the nature of the relationship starting off, how is it going to be later on?  Is this going to be a person who is to clingy, to possessive …who watches your every move?  Hmmm … just thoughts on a typical day in this lady’s dating world.  🙂

Some more funny’s on texting and dating.




9 thoughts on “Sorry, My Phone And I Are NOT Joined At The Hip

  1. Haha I have to admit that I’m the same way. Even if I actually have my phone in my hand I may just not be in the mood to text back. So I won’t. Whoops. Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered and that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes less is more, in this case, me talking to someone less leaves things for us to actually talk ABOUT when I finally get the time to respond.


  2. People are shocked when they find out that we only use our cell phone for emergencies. We do not text. My husband and I “share” a flip phone that we purchased a couple years ago for $3. If you need to reach me, call the house, send an email, send a Facebook message, but don’t call the cell phone, we don’t usually even have the sound on! Congratulations on not being ruled by your phone!


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