Weekly Writing Challenge: Valentine’s Day Through the Years

valentine-box2When I was a little girl I loved Valentine’s Day.  I can remember in school we would make those beautifully decorated boxes to put all of our Valentine’s in.  It was always so much fun to decorate; you would get cards and candy from all your classmates put in your beautiful handmade Valentine box. My mom always gave me something for Valentine’s Day as well, a stuffed animal, candy or maybe a new outfit.  As I got older the magic faded; we no longer made the pretty boxes or received cards and candy on Valentine’s Day.  Of course, mom would still send me a card on Valentine’s Day until she was no longer able to do so.  As an adult, the holiday is just never what I think it should be or maybe want it to be.  No matter how much I tell myself not to put too much into it, or not to expect too much, I always do.  And of course, mostly I am let down.  You build it up to be this big romantic day, and let’s face it …the result usually falls short.  I know I am supposed to be thankful for a gift; it is the thought that counts right?  But really, was there much thought put into some of the gifts I received through the years?  Let’s reflect back…

Gifts I have received for Valentine’s Day:

indexHusband #1 – Husband #1’s Birthday was on Valentine’s Day so he thought he was excused from any form of participation.  We celebrated his Birthday, which included me getting him a gift.

valentine-candyHusband #2 – Well at least I got something from husband #2.  It usually consisted of a box of candy that he ate and a card that was written by someone else, with some meaningless phrase, that he signed.

flat-screen-tvRelationship #3 – After my second marriage I entered into relationship #3.  I think this was the best of the Valentine’s gifts.  He actually did try to make an effort and get me something I wanted.  Mostly though I think it was out of guilt for having numerous affairs, which I was not aware of until later.  In our 3 years of Valentine’s Day’s I was given flowers for year #1, a camera for year #2, and a TV for year #3, in lieu of the engagement ring that I wanted.  There were no more Valentine’s Day for us after that year.

190Relationship #4 – This man was my most promising for Valentine’s Day.  When we were dating (which lasted 4 months) he gave me flowers once a week delivered to my office.  He treated me to a shopping spree once for no reason.  And when I was sick he offered to bring me Chicken Noodle soup, of course he was the one that got me sick.  So for Valentine’s Day I just knew I was getting something really nice, I’m thinking jewelry here.  So when the big day came …what I got, flowers delivered to my office just like all the other weeks.  The difference, they were signed Happy Valentine’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, they were beautiful and I loved the gifts that he bought “just because.”  I thought on Valentine’s Day however, it would be a little more special and it was not.

This year I am my own Valentine.  I bought myself a new blender, a new set of much needed cookware and a new pair of shoes.  I also have the best Valentine anyone could ever have, my beautiful little boy Tyler.  What more could I ask for!


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